Floriculture Magazine was privileged to have an exclusive tete-a-tete with Chrysal’s Commercial Manager East Africa Redbad Verduijn during Chrysal’s Open day this year.

Redbad Verduijn

Briefly discuss Chrysal East Africa Ltd?
Chrysal Africa is the regional entity and representation for one of the leading post-harvest and flower food providers in the world. Chrysal international is a Dutch based company with a great track record in the flower industry, that is since a couple of years part of the Japanese OAT Agro group.

The Aim of the company is to have the best products with an unparalleled service level. Our regional office is located in Nairobi, close to the airport, where we also have a production facility to produce our sachets & post-harvest products. Our work force is made up of 50 employees. This team is dedicated to deliver great products with the best possible service.

Recently you had an open day, briefly discuss it (expectation, number of days, what was showcased or discussed)
The open day was held on Friday 20th May, 2022 whereby growers and other partners were invited to learn more about our products and meet team members. It was an initiative by the newly appointed General Manager -Niels van Doorn to have this event and invest in relationships.

Next to showcasing our products and solutions in general, the day focused on the Sea Freight development and the crucial role Chrysal Africa plays in the treatment of flowers for any sea freight journey (“Chrysal Services”). To that matter, different presentations held to show three elements; sea freight developments in other markets (being South-America), the sea-freight developments in the East-African market and an introduction to some pre-harvest initiatives.

Did you attain your aim (attendance, business)
On this first ever open day, close to 100 individuals attended and enjoyed the presentations, meeting our team and buffet lunch. The feedback on the day was very positive, especially the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with the Chrysal people. And of course, we had good discussions on actual concerns at the farms and how Chrysal can support.

Are we expecting more open days?
: Although it’s not planned yet, we expect to have an open day again next year, perhaps in a different form. Foreseen is to have an agenda for the day that fits with the topics at hand then.

Discuss your products and services to the flower sector
We support both growers and customers with the best treatment to get the highest quality of flowers from farm to consumer. Therefore, we work together with the flower growers to achieve the best results in post-harvest. More recently, we’ve been developing products for pre-harvest, and this is something that will grow in the future.

Next to that we help growers shipping flowers by sea with our Chrysal Services model, providing the best possible botrytis treatment and monitoring of the (quality) processes, but also to fulfil our sustainable need to lowering carbon footprint by reducing waste due to botrytis and high emissions from airfreight.