How would you explain Mwadzombo Pole background and your job to a 10-year-old (Personal background and professional background to your current position as Agronomy Manager ornamentals and export vegetables at Amiran Kenya Ltd
I joined the profession in 2002, at Kingfisher farm Naivasha as a general worker where I had the privilege to work in all sections of production of Roses. Later I was promoted as a young irrigation technician, a job I worker for 6 months before I went to Uganda as an expatriate at Rosebud, in charge of crop nutrition and propagation.


Can you explain your education background and why you chose your major?
I happened to have been inspired by our Agriculture teacher at high school, a former graduate of Egerton University. I used to be his Best Agriculture student. This motivated me to pursue a degree in B.Sc. Horticulture and later a Master degree in Agriculture and rural Development.

How would you describe your time as the Agronomy Manager ornamentals and export vegetables? at Amiran Kenya Ltd? Are you passionate about what you do?
I balance my time between office and field work. This is my passion as it helps me to identify the gaps and needs in the industry and articulate them well to agrochemical producers.

Briefly discuss your role at Amiran and your day to day interaction with growers? What are your top priorities in your current position?
I joined Amiran Agro Division department 13 years back as an Agronomist in charge of North rift and later promoted to the position of the Agronomy Manager EA in charge of Ornamentals and export vegetables. The two slogans we have in Amiran, A complete solution for the best harvest and Our Knowledge your success makes us strive to source for reputable, authentic and reliable solutions to agriculture, an important sector of our economy. I am part of the team that is instrumental to bring solutions which are simple, appealing, flexible, available and cost effective at the same time empowering the grower with the right information.

In a nutshell describe Amiran Kenya ltd products portfolio for the flower sector and how you have ensured they are not only quality but also well used?
As a leading solution provider, our products are sourced from the reputable and respectable countries all over the world. We have strong ties with Multinationals such as Bayer, Syngenta/Adama, UPL. Nippon soda, Simutomo, Sineria Netherlands, etc. Going through our Amiran growers’ manual, you will realize that we have solution for all the agronomic challenges in the flower sector.

We have long time partnership with the inventors and leading suppliers of Soluble and speciality fertilizers that not only meet Kenyan standard but also European standard that guarantee quality and better results.

What can you promise the flower sector in the next few months?
I promise them that we will revolutionize Thrips management in Ornamentals which is the biggest challenge in crop protection and there we are, we have a Novel product in the market called GLADIUS which is delivering impressive results while ACTISOIL from Bancella is attacking the soil pupal stages. Describe your ordinary day? Do you still have enough personal time? Not real but I intentionaly create personal time.

What are the 3 most pivotal moments in your career that you either learned from and/or that got you where you are?
Three virtues I learnt – Patience, humility, value people regardless of social class.

If you weren’t an agronomist
I am
an associate ordained pastor, you can guess if it were not this full time job of agronomist what would I be.

Words of advice to a young scientist (Influential or inspiring person)
A BSC degree is just the start of a long journey, be ready to start at any level God will position you, just like myself I started as a General worker. Position and attractive packages come with time as long as you are passionate and dedicated.

Where do you see the agrochemical sector globally in the next 5 and 10 years from now?
A lot of
Mergers are coming up with focus to sustainable agriculture. Something many people don’t know about me I love diversity of culture and tribes

How have you managed the stress of tight deadlines?
Proper planning and time management, know what is urgent and what can wait