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The Muse of Beauty and Convenience For the Grower in the Control of Downy Mildew Launched.

A sigh of expectation filled the air as one of the biggest chemical companies in the world, BASF, launched an innovative fungicide that combines well known active ingredient Dimethomorph with Initium to form a preventive shield against downy mildew in ornamentals.

Time almost audio recorded voice of Mr. Patrick Ngugi, Country Manager-Kenya, Crop Protection and public health asked, “Are you afraid of Downy mildew in your farm? Are you concerned by the ever increasing threat of resistance build up by fungicides? Are you afraid of scotching your flowers and leaving physical residue? Are you concerned about the cost of your choice product? Can you achieve your goals in farming without IPM? Is worker safety a priority for you? Each of the question received a resourcing ‘Yes’ from the over 150 growers in attendance. Today I stand in front you to offer your solution, Orvego 525 sc.

No Contract? No Problem

How the Kenyan flower industry thrives in the absence of formal contracts. Based on the research of Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria.

Yevgenia Nayberg

Operating a business in a developing country is not always for the faint of heart. But new research suggests that long-term relationships between buyers and sellers can go a long way toward overcoming obstacles like political instability and weak governing institutions.


To build his case, Ameet Morjaria, an assistant professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at the Kellogg School, turned to the rose trade in Kenya—a thriving industry that he says has “managed to set up a supply line to the developed world. And they’ve achieved this in a relatively short period.”


Just how healthy is the rose industry in Kenya? Today, an estimated 500,000 Kenyans on over 100 flower farms depend on the trade for their livelihood. The nation’s flower exports have grown from about 11,000 tons in 1988 to more than 136,000 tons in 2014, making Kenya the third-largest exporter of cut flowers in the world. Many of these flowers head to the European Union, where they account for about a third of all flower sales.


The rose trade’s rapid growth has been driven by Kenya’s sunny climate, low labor costs, and strong air-transportation links to Europe. And this has all been done in the absence of formal contracts. Since flowers are highly fragile and perishable, contracts would be unenforceable, with buyers and sellers making claims that no court could verify.


Bayer Cropscience Launches Luna Tranquility

If You Love Life You Will Love Luna

After climbing one great hill, one only realizes that there are many more mountans to climb. This old adage attributed to one of African great rings true in agrochemicals. The past few decades have seen the rise and spread of different diseases in greenhouse farming. One man has seen it all, Mr. Anthony Songoro, Crop Manager, Floriculture and Industrial Crops Bayer Crop Science a trained horticulturalist with both agrochemical and production experiences. Before joining Bayer Crop Science two years ago, he was a grower for seven years. Mr. Songoro prides himself with a wealth of experience in biologicals. To many he is a guru in the flower industry. Recently, Floriculture Magazine caught up with him after giving the key presentation in Luna Tranquility Launch and in a relaxed atmosphere, he gave an interesting interview, Excerpts.


Fresh From Source: Fresh flowers from source to your doorstep!

Founded in January 2013, Fresh From Source (FFS) is becoming a well-known young company in the flower industry. With our experienced team based in the Netherlands with representativesin Kenya, (Nairobi) and Zimbabwe (Harare), we are able to supply fresh flowers from Africa all over the world.


Objectives Fresh

From Source is part of the Dutch Flower Group family. The company was founded with the objective of meeting the growing demands of customers wishing to get closer to the source. With FFS the customer is able to create the shortest supply chain possible. This trend, combined with the demand to meet the specific needs of the customers, led to the start of FFS. We now can conclude that we made the right step, customers as well as suppliers are happy with the concept of FFS!


Mitey Revolution

By Henry Wainwright

Real IPM

An adult Amblyseius californicus attacking an adult two spotted spider mite.

If you asked a rose grower ten years ago what was their greatest pest problem they would immediately say red spider mite. A problem because of the challenge in controlling the pest and the cost, often more than 50% of the crop protection budget would be spent on spider mite control. However there has been a revolution in the strategies used and costs incurred for the control of mites in Kenyan roses. The new technologies involved are broadly three; the use of organosilicon sprays, the use of predatory mites and the application of biopesticides – insect killing fungi.


Integrated Pest Management Strategies A Must

IPM Strategies

To address an actual or perceived pest problem, one must first develop a strategy. An IPM strategy is a plan for management that uses a particular type of approach to address the pest problem. Tactics are the methods used to achieve the goals of your strategy. The strategy should try to embrace all three principles of IPM if possible. Upon discovering a pest in your cropping system, the IPM strategies that you may employ can be part of three possible responses:

A Flower a Day Livens the Live of All

I clearly remember the advice given to me when I was toying with the idea of becoming a scribe. “Don’t take up journalism as your career if your sole aim of life is to make money. In scribing you only earn a name but not money,” my mentor told me. He Quoted Somerset Maughan and said, “Money is the sixth sense without which we cannot enjoy the other five to the full! Even allowing for the sort of ostentatious life, anything in excess is just adding zeros to one’s bank balance and gloating over bloated bank statements every month.

And not him alone but even the country’s education system took me far from scribing. And the gods of the highest education ensured I land into UON ( University of Nowhere) to format me into a tax collector. My own father supported them and cursed the gods’ of scribes quoting Jesus, he said. “Woe unto you scribes……………

After a year of locking myself in a room to cook figures, I sneaked into one of the late Wahome Mutahi’s (My Mentor) comedy shows and our worlds met again and this time he ensured I turned into a scribe.

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