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With an iron will, strong enough to drop her teenage bug, Margaret Njambi is a woman on a mission in a world she can feel, but cannot think. Her love for flowers since childhood led her nurse quietly the ambition of one day ensuring production of quality flowers.Q. Briefly discuss Margaret Njambi (Personal background and professional background to your current position as Technical Manager East Africa, Lawn and Garden at Syngenta East Africa Ltd.)

A. My love for flowers started as long as I can remember. I used to be known as the home gardener. I could collect flowers from neighbor’s gardens, with permission of course and I eventually established a flower garden at our home. After high school, the computer bug caught up with me, and just like every other teenager there was a shift of interest , my plan was to study computer science or information science little did I know that destiny would have its way and I would find myself in a Horticulture class.

I was disappointed and so I tried to change my course to a BSc (Education) course which I did not succeed. After two weeks of attending lectures I met a lady who had worked with the ministry of Agriculture and articulated to me some of the opportunities in Agriculture, I warmed up to the course and by my 2nd year I had already developed a passion for the course especially floriculture units. I went for attachment in a flower farm, in my final year my project was on vase life of Carnations and that’s how I started my career in flowers and it has been quite a journey.

In December 2008 after graduating from University I started my career in the flower industry, where I worked for 2 years growing roses and as a research in one of the leading farms. In December 2010 I joined Syngenta East Africa Limited as a technical representative. About a year later I took up the technical manager role, Lawn and Garden. I have been in the role for about 2 years now.