Hamish KerHamish Ker has been appointed as Andermatt Kenya’s Chief Executive Officer, effective 1st December 2023. “We have an opportunity to help our customers meet the demands of biological solutions and we are excited to welcome Hamish to the team!” the Andermatt team says.

“We want to thank Stephen Musyoka, who has been instrumental in establishing Andermatt Kenya as a going concern since inception these past four years – as an early adopter and pioneer of biological farming solutions in Kenya.”

“Stephen has assisted in positioning Andermatt business for future growth/ development in 2024 and beyond. We are grateful for Stephen’s contributions to Andermatt and the impact we created together over the last four years. Stephen will take up a new role within the company as General Manager, Macrobial business. With the development of the Andermatt footprint in Kenya and the continued investment in our macrobial production capacity we are confident of the growing role Andermatt must play in the rapidly growing demand for Healthy Food and Healthy Environment for all!”

Andermatt’s Journey in Africa
Healthy Food and Healthy Environment for all, speaks directly to Africa and her people.

Andermatt’s vision in Africa is focused on feeding the continent sustainably, as well as strengthening local economies through the export of high-quality, residue-free, healthy food.

South African based Andermatt Madumbi and Andermatt PHP, are recognised as well established, market leaders in the distribution and manufacture of quality biological solutions.

Andermatt Kenya
Andermatt Kenya joined the group in 2018. General Manager, Stephen Musyoka and his team have been committed to sustainability and proudly champion responsible growth of biological solutions in Kenya and surrounding growing areas.

Starting with a small team of five, focused predominantly on the production of macrobials, Andermatt Kenya today consists of more people with offices located in Nairobi and Naivasha. Key agricultural crops in this region include cut-flowers, mango and avocado. The team is however hugely committed to small scale growers.

Andermatt Kenya’s biological product portfolio blends well with small scale and subsistence growers, providing the ‘glue’ that ensures the country remains food secure. Together with the Kenyan government, great support is extended to this grower sector through small scale packs and application support. – Stephen Musyoka, Andermatt Kenya General Manager

Andermatt Mozambique
Andermatt Mozambique was founded in 2021 and has been trading from facilities in Southern Mozambique since early 2022. The small, dedicated team is led by Dr Michael Niland who, together with in-country distribution partners are committed to changing the mind-set of local growers to sustainable crop production using biological products.

The Andermatt network in Africa extends to an additional 4 countries in Central and Eastern Africa. Through strategic partnerships with leading agricultural distribution networks, the team is proud to offer growers quality biorational solutions in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Malawi.

Hamish Ker02The Andermatt team in Africa, led by Business Development Manager Andre Fox, is committed to transferring knowledge locally to growers through technical guidance and application support, bringing the best the world has to offer in biological solutions.

Our vision is to partner with local governments, local regulatory bodies, distributors and growers to bring the best biorational solutions in growing Healthy Food in a Healthy.

Environment, for all. This vision is twofold, local and global. Locally we will produce quality food and globally we will rise to meet the growing export market. – Andre Fox, Andermatt Business Development Manager Andre Fox Andermatt in Africa is fuelled by integrity, passion, and innovation; delivering excellence for both the commercial and retail sectors.

Andermatt in Africa is more than just a business, this is a deliberate purpose towards real food security and food safety. It is the knowledge that better soil, better crops and better food, builds a better future.

SOURCE: www.andermattafrica.com or www.andermatt.com