For the 8th year in a row, Kenya hosted the International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) at the Oshwal Centre, Parklands Nairobi.

IFTEX which was launched in 2012 has grown tremendously to be a renowned exhibition brand worldwide. Currently it attracts more than 250 both national and international exhibitors ranging from; growers, buyers, breeders, suppliers, regulatory and compliance institutions and logistics. Over time IFTEX has contributed to promotion of Kenyan cut flowers which its demand continues to rise in world market. This action has enabled the Kenyan flowers to compete well with other giants like Ecuador, Colombia and also Ethiopia who are coming up well.




Over the past two years a lot of acquisitions have been witnessed in the flower sector. This has been heavily attributed to huge cost of operations, shrinking market and freight charges; combining these issues; small-holder growers find themselves in murky waters which forces them to be bought out by the big fish. However, during a one on one interview with the Craig Oulton General Manager, Floriculture (Kisima) he pointed out small-holder growers can still manage to attract revenue and run their farms successfully when they innovate on ways to cut their costs, while practicing socially and environmentally sustainable kind of farming.