Featured Articles March - April 2021

Something all greenhouse owners have in common is the great satisfaction that comes from a greenhouse in summer. In the warmer months, your greenhouse is a fantastic energy converter; sunlight streams in and warms up the interior quickly, providing the perfect little world for your plants. However, during the colder months, we greenhouse owners are ripped apart into two camps - heated and unheated.

The need to reduce the carbon footprint is necessary because packaging of the flowers for transportation is an important aspect of the value chain, as it also helps maintain the product’s integrity till the end. While the stakeholders in Amsterdam, Netherlands have taken the necessary steps ahead of the season, in Africa, Nairobi-based Silpack is doing its part too. It is an active and instrumental part of the packaging industry for flowers and just like any other industry, the Kenyan company was affected with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Downy mildew is a fungal disease that causes destruction of leaves, stems, and flowers of the infected plant. Downy mildew causal organism is called Peronosporasparsa and as the scientific name indicates, the production of spores is sparse and therefore this disease is difficult to diagnose and control.

Peronospora sparsa, is a fungus-like eukaryotic microorganism (oomycete), more closely related to algae than to fungi. P. sparsa is an obligate parasite that establishes long term feeding relationship with rose plant and its growth depends on the living plant tissues.

On 20th February 2021, Agrichem Africa Ltd sponsored its first Lawn Tennis tournament for juniors. The event provided an opportunity to appreciate and engage the community. In attendance was Agrichem Africa Ltd Managing Director Mr. Shiraz Karmali.

The winners took home a trophy and a certificate.

Other than children getting a fun in the Lawn Tennis course, prospecting future international champions interacted freely with international coaches and fellow competitors.

Kenya Airways launched a firstever cabin cargo repurposing of a Boeing 787 into a “Preighter”. The term preighter was coined at the height of the pandemic last year to refer to passenger aircraft converted to cargo.

This has been made possible through a partnership with Avianor, a leader in the aerospace industry for more than 25 years. Through the partnership, the team repurposed its aircraft cabins into cargo transportation on the Boeing 787.

How would you explain Mwadzombo Pole background and your job to a 10-year-old (Personal background and professional background to your current position as Agronomy Manager ornamentals and export vegetables at Amiran Kenya Ltd
I joined the profession in 2002, at Kingfisher farm Naivasha as a general worker where I had the privilege to work in all sections of production of Roses. Later I was promoted as a young irrigation technician, a job I worker for 6 months before I went to Uganda as an expatriate at Rosebud, in charge of crop nutrition and propagation.