Kordes Rose Set to Unveil a Top Range of White Premium Varieties

Rose growers from across the East African region are naturally clamoring for new interesting varieties to include in their production lines. Kordes Roses’ new white codes have drawn a lot of interest from growers. Most have visited their show case recently and discussed some of the varieties that are quite promising. These varieties have been the most popular in trial selections inline with indications that growers are looking premium varieties.

We expect to be one of a new line of white varieties that will be introduced into the market place. From the trials we have conducted it will be most suited for high altitude, the bud size will be between 6 to 7cm tall, stem length will be 50-80 cm. Transport and vase life are good. Production figures are yet to be concluded, estimates are of 90 to 120 stems m2 at high altitude.

Pallas is already in commercial trial in the Mount Kenya region and hopefully by end of 2017 will be introduced commercially onto the market. For now there will be a limited release for what is classified as an auction variety.


A large classic shaped White bud, 5 to 6 cm in medium altitude. Lengths of 50 to 70cm, with production estimates of 150 -160 stems in medium altitude. Trials have been recently concluded and material is being built up for trials to growers. This variety is categorized as a premium expected to start as a niche variety. Kordes will be looking to partner a grower to introduce this variety probably in the new year.


From the trials to date, this variety is the closest to Athena in terms of production. It has a strong and dark foliage and white cream bud. The bud size is between 4 to 5cm with average lengths of 40 to 60cm, the expectation is that length will be maintained as it ages. Indications are that this variety is more suited for low to medium altitude, though there is a current trial at high altitude. Commercial trials are now commencing, production from Kreative will be available before the end of the year.


Medium to High altitude variety, the bud will get a little larger with altitude. Bud size 5 to 6 cm and length of 50 to 70 cm with production estimates of 140 -180 stems m2 , depending on altitude. Commercial trial has been planted and production expected by December 2017. This premium variety is expected to be more mainstream and not restricted to a niche. Trials have started to be issued to growers with the initial plantings to come into production in 2018. There are still several other white varieties that are currently in trial at Kreative, once they have passed there critical tests of vase-life and transportation will available to growers for trials. Kordes has recently had a wave of new white varieties, however the quest will continue to find varieties that are sought after in the diverse market place.